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Most Popular Floral Artists

Danielle's style is loose and impressionistic, however she has always believed in the importance of each and every brush stroke. In order to gain a greater understanding and technical skill she studied sumi-e, Japanese brushpainting. Her distinctive fusion of eastern and western artistry has led to her works being highly prized by art collectors from both sides of the Pacific.

Kealey says ‘Throughout my life I’ve always loved exquisite things so it’s been a natural process for me to incorporate this into my work. I love colour, reflections and fluid movements, I want people to be captivated by what they see and hope to make people feel good through my art’.

More Floral Artists

David has been a professional artist in various guises for over 25 years. Originally working as an illustrator, he built up an impressive reputation as a versatile and talented artist and worked in a variety of fields as a visualiser in advertising, a scenic painter in the leisure industry and also as a muralist, pasticheur and copyist. His formidable output covered an immense range of subject matter and absorbed many influences, from the Flemish masters to contemporary media imagery.

My inspiration comes from the intensity and drama of emotional interaction between people - either involving myself or those around me; the emotions of faith, hope and love are what give me my unstoppable desire to paint. I do not have to think about what subject to choose; I feel that the images arise from the dance of life which I try to capture in the natural elements that are a feature of my work. painting brings me great joy, which is another aspect that I hope keeps my work fresh and exciting.

I have always had a keen interest in art, and gained an A at A’ Level at Brighouse High School, West Yorkshire. I went on to study a BTEC National Diploma in art and design at Leeds College of Art and Design. I completed this course with distinction in 1996 and continued with my studies at Edinburgh College of Art. I gained a BA Hon’s in Visual Communication, specialising in illustration. I chose illustration because I was attracted to the combination of Art and Literature. I used themes from texts as a starting point and during that time I produced varied work from printmaking, bookbinding, animation and of course drawings and paintings.

I have also shown my work at various open art exhibitions, where I have won numerous awards over the years, including ‘Commended and Highly Commended at the South Yorkshire Open;’ ‘Highly Commended at the Rotherham Open;’ ‘Gold Award’ and ‘Best in Show at the Botanical Gardens exhibition.’

Although she uses pastels predominately, she has recently introduced watercolour to her work. : "I feel as my work has developed greater fluidity and vibrancy through the use of watercolour".

"Each painting is a puzzle. There are many ways you can try to fit the pieces together but only one way they really look right. Sometimes you find what you are looking for, other times it remains elusive".