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Andres Garcia Ibanez's Biography

Andres Garcia Ibanez - Profound and Profane

Dreaming of being an artist from a very early age, Andres Garcia Ibanez was mentored by his grandfather whom was considered a 'Leonardo Da Vinci' of his village as a master craftsman, builder, artist and musician.
Teaching him to paint from childhood, Ibanez took on the styles of master artists Greco, Velázquez and Rembrandt. By the time he turned 16 he had successfully copied every painting by Goya and during the following year he began developing his own style.

In 1989, Ibanez began exhibiting his work across Spain in group shows and was awarded first prize in the Young Andalusian Painters contest, a prestigious competition for up-and-coming artists. He moved on to study
Town Architecture at the University of Navarra, graduating his degree in 1996 and going on to be involved in over twenty group exhibitions and over thirty non-group exhibitions across Europe.

Ibanez also published the book 'Hablando de Goya: Apariciones y Descubujos,' a deep analysis of the 18th Century Spanish Master
Painter's works, in 1991. In addition he spent time working on a painting for the Vault of the Cathedral of the Republic of El Salvador, covering a surface of 1,000 square meters and his most important comission to
date. Finally, in 1999 he received the National Medal from UNICEF to honour his work in the charity. His paintings are now widely distributed around the world.

His works often focus strongly around religious matter including the fall of man through consumption of the fruit of life and the death of Christ, all however portray a strong emphasis on deep contrast, taken from the style of the old masters, to create deep dramatic scenes featuring supernatural beings and strong parodies and connections between the old world and the new.

Andres Garcia Ibanez's Artwork

The Assunta Cries Over
by Andres Garcia Ibanez
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Visiting The Nun
by Andres Garcia Ibanez
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Profound and Profane
by Andres Garcia Ibanez
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