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Charlotte Atkinson's Biography

Charlotte Atkinson - Ethereal Dreams I

Born in 1973 in Plymouth, England, Charlotte Atkinson grew up developing a deep love of the sea. Training to become an illustrator at the Hereford College of Art and moving rapidly through a similar course at the University of Derby, Atkinson was invited to become Artist in Residence at a countryside art centre in coastal Scotland.

Being comissioned to produce work for a refuge centre for female victims of domestic
violence, Atkinson identifies this as the key moment when she decided to become a professional artist. Following her decision she had a multitude of successful exhibitions in York, London, Galloway, Iverness and Dallas, Texas.

Awarded the title of 'Artist Exhibition Winner' after her success at the 2000 Fine Art Trade Awards, Atkinson's work drew vast attention and so she published her first collection of Limited Editions which in just a matter of a few short weeks, completely sold out.

Atkinson's works focus on the premise of the wind and sea: flow. Her paintings flow seamlessly from one point to another, causing the viewer to become entranced in a turbulent frenzy of colour and imagination. The forms are often human, possibly to symbolise the aspect of nature that humans hold within them, the 89% water that humans are made from or the oxygen in the air, in the wind that we breathe. Often other forms are mixed in, symbols from playing cards to stars, creating a vividity that can only usually only be seen within nature.

Charlotte Atkinson's Artwork

Arabian Knights I
by Charlotte Atkinson
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