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Royo's Biography

Royo - La Joya

Impressive parallels can be drawn between Royo''s work and that of the Spanish
master, Joaquin Sorolla.

Both were born in Valencia, both were classically
trained, both ''matured'' in styles of painting capturing the dramatic visual
essence of their homeland - Valencia and the Mediterranean Sea.

They have both been described as ''Painters of the Light''; some have said, ''of the light of the South''. that is, the southern coast of Spain.

It is the overwhelming influence of the Sorolla blended with his own style that
makes Royo''s masterful treatment of the Mediterranean subjects both haunting and
mysterious, yet full of raw power at the same time.

The sleeping brush strokes, both swaths of colour, and heavy impasto capture the
eye and draw one inward until that final absolute moment of awareness that one
is actually there in the scene feeling light and heat of the sun, the salt and
sea spray, and hearing the crashing surf.

Royo conveys not merely image, but mood and atmosphere as well. This is rare in
today''s art world, hence the connoisseur is compelled to compare with the old
masters. Thus, the appeal of Royo''s work for today''s collector becomes obvious.

Royo is an international artist, his paintings are well known and collected
throughout Europe and in the USA.

Royo's Artwork

by Royo
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by Royo
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by Royo
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