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Gloria Marojevic's Biography

Gloria Marojevic - Ocean II

I have many wonderful memories of creative moments from my childhood. My father enjoyed painting; mostly children set against rolling hills and boats at sea. The canvases were taller than me and the paintings seemed to be enormous to me then. At around the age of 8 I clearly remember transforming a lump of concrete into an exotic island by rubbing all manner of green leaves & vibrant petals over the grey mass until it was alive with colour!

At the age of 18 I spent a year travelling around Europe where images of the sea and sky, particularly in Turkey and the Greek islands, were so spectacular. I was mesmerised by the ever-changing beauty of colours and shapes that these scenes presented to me. Pinks, reds, blues, orange and purple skies and seas, and all shades of blue and green waters that were constantly moving. I would sit for hours watching the changing light and images.

I returned to Surrey and for the next 12 years I commuted into London making my career in Sales and Marketing. I absolutely loved it, absorbing myself totally into the heart of London life; I particularly enjoyed my years spent in the film industry. I love people and my environment created a perfect opportunity for me to meet and interact with all sorts of different people. During this time my creative spirit found a release in Interior Design, whereupon I attended an evening course at a London college and became totally fascinated by colour.

A little later on I met my husband who is an Architect and keen photographer. In 1991 I began playing around with his camera and quickly developed a real love for photography. This progressed and I have now had in excess of 400 photographic designs commissioned and published by Greeting Card companies.

The photographic work, which I do for pure pleasure, revolves around my two girls, the sea, sky and landscapes that are magically transformed by the sun. I am also drawn to abstract forms of colour moving in close to find the simple beauty in shape and colour. This could literally be anything! In this manner I did some close-up photographs of Agate stone slices and was moved by the translucent vibrancy of colour and the natural flow of abstract design. This inspired me to paint onto glass, where the translation of light, movement and colour in my work is perfectly expressed.

At the beginning of 2001 I received an enormously encouraging response from a number of Fine Art publishers. At this stage I was presented with a choice of directions, however, the only company I wanted to work with was Washington Green and now that my confidence had been raised I approached Washington Green with both my photographic work and my paintings on glass with a very happy ending!

Gloria Marojevic's Artwork

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