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Barbara Hammerman Brody's Biography

Barbara Hammerman Brody - Heart Songs I

Barbara Hammerman Brody was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1941 and since the age of three loved colour and the most colourful things she could see among the sunlight, skies and landscapes. Developing her talent as she
grew up, Brody entered into the Chicago Art Center to nuture her skills further and left two years later to marry and settle in Davenport, Iowa, still continuing to push her art skills.

In 1962 she became affiliated with a gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and continued to stay affiliated with numerous galleries over the course of her life. Nine years later in 1971 she opened a photography studio to
become a proffessional photographer, however she game it up five years later in 1976 to spend more time with her sons and became the Executive Director of a Bi-State Social Service Agency. She went on to become a
Marketing Director for Iowa's first HMO but in 1984 decided to become an artist and designer, opening BH Brody Studio and designing a highly successful wall decor and accessory line. After a few years the demand
for just her artwork became so great that she closed her commercial line and became a full time artist. Brody has now had numerous successful exhibitions internationally and lives in the countryside in Pennsylvania.

Brody's works are exquisitely colourful with a large emphasis on scenes with large skies, often making up two thirds of the painting.
The colours are dramatic, creating dynamic and captivating pieces, often with large lines of yellows and reds to give the paintings a sense of warmth, complimented by well composed blues and cooler colours to give the painting a sense of depth.

Barbara Hammerman Brody's Artwork

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