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Daisy Boman's Biography

Daisy Boman - More and More

Growing up in the Flemish part of Belgium, Daisy Boman enjoyed drawing as a pastime, even as a child. This love of drawing moved her through life to eventually enter the Academy of Fine Art to study photography and interior design, moving on further to try ceramics. In 1981, her husband was offered a position as an architect in Johannesburg, South Africa, causing the couple to relocate there.

In South Africa, Boman was displayed in the National Ceramic Exhibition several times,
her work being strongly inspired by the effects of the Apartheid on the South African
society. In 1986 Boman moved back to Belgium and held her first solo exhibition in
Antwerp a year later, still being very strongly influenced by her time in South Africa. Since then, Boman has had numerous exhibitions in Belgium, France and South Africa.

The 'Bo-men' of Boman's works are of simplistic design but take on a life of their own once she has positioned them effectively, displaying the cultural shift in South Africa
but also the innocence of human interaction and behaviour. Sometimes childish and sometimes not, the 'Bo-men' seemingly coordinate themselves and interact with each other, taking on lifelike poses that reminds oneself how fragile and dependant on each other we are.

Daisy Boman's Artwork

Reaching The Limit
by Daisy Boman
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We Wont Stop
by Daisy Boman
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Will You Follow Me
by Daisy Boman
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