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Dale Bowen's Biography

Dale Bowen - Quayside Terrace I

An in-industry senior of industry years, master potter Dale Bowen sets his reputation in Coalport China and Wedgewood, working for the two for over fifteen years and working in
the Prestige Department in Wedgewood on many one-off pieces for collectors and commissions. Many pieces being incredibly skillfully decorated, rarities and masterpieces in their own right, some fetched over 100,000 when sold.

Recently, Bowen has gained a Masters Degree in Ceramics at Staffordshire University,
exhibiting privately in Washington, San Francisco and New York and completing an exclusive masterpiece collection for Wedgewood in Japan. Notable commissions include Coalport's 250th Anniversary, the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday, the Battle of Trafalgar's 200 years celebrations in Portsmouth Naval Museum and a plaque of the Battle of Trafalgar's 200 years celebrations presented to the Queen on board the ship 'Victory' at the same event. Bowen's pieces are currently exhibited in museums around the UK, US and Japan.

Many of Bowen's works are distorted, almost cartoon-style. Buildings are distorted greatly and boats take on repeated form, almost as if taken directly out of a child's storybook. However, the interesting use of perspective combined with this style creates an intricate piece, adding a sense of serene life to the picture.

Dale Bowen's Artwork

Cup Cup & Away 2
by Dale Bowen
Base Camper
by Dale Bowen
Mr Badger Remains Unconvinced
by Dale Bowen