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Csilla Orban's Biography

Csilla Orban - Nightshades I

Csilla Orban was born in 1961 in Budapest, Hungary. Graduating from the University of
Budapest in 1984 with a Masters Degree in Art, she continued her academic life a year
longer as a scholarship student in the USSR. Spending her twenties travelling around Europe she eventually settled in the UK.

During her travels she was inspired heavily by her trips to the great cities including
Paris and London. Her works depicting unique urban landscapes have been exhibited at a multitude of international exhibitions and in 2004 she recieved the 'Genius Talent Prize'
in Budapest celebrating Hungary's entrance into the EU. Spending six months in the United States, Orban paricipated in a joint exhibition in Texas, bringing her further into the view of the international art world.

The cities featured in Orban's works are distorted like oil in puddle of water, but the subjects are focused and distinct. Colour is strewn into vast flourishes of strikes,
creating a lifelike sentience in the picture. The sky is often darkened, signifying the
night time and emphasizing the nightlights as they flicker and stream through the image.

Csilla Orban's Artwork

City of Romance
by Csilla Orban
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Nightshades I
by Csilla Orban
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City of Light
by Csilla Orban
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