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Lesley-Anne Derks's Biography

Lesley-Anne Derks - Afterglow

I was born in Falkirk, Scotland in 1977 and brought up in Grangemouth where I continue to live until this day.
Grangemouth is predominantly an industrial town. In my early years it hosted businesses such as ICI, Docks and the BP Petro-chemical plant which were all major influences in my life. At school everyone seemed to have a parent or relation who worked in these fields. My father worked at the BP plant for 30 years until his retirement. The plant which dominates much of the skyline of Grangemouth always had a deep fascination for me. I was amazed that something that appeared so grey and somewhat ugly during the day could become so beautiful at night. When friends who were not familiar with Grangemouth came to stay my dad would take us on a tour in the car to see the lights at night. Some people have associated Grangemouth with its strange orange night glow as being some form of an alien world; a scene out of Bladerunner or cities such as New York.
Grangemouth in my early years at school would always make some appearance in my art work. In 1994 I left senior school and did a 1 year Art and Craft course at Falkirk College of Technology. In 1995 I was accepted into Glasgow School of Art where I completed a BA Hons in Fine Art Drawing and Painting. Again Grangemouth would make some appearance in my work all be it in a very abstract manner. It wasn't until my final year and after a 3 month student exchange in Barcelona I became fascinated with night scenes. It was then I realised the thing I really loved painting was nightscapes. Back home the inspiration was right on my doorstep. For several years Grangemouth became the main inspiration for my work. I then progressed this love of night onto cityscapes. However, the early halos of colours and strange glows from Grangemouth are still apparent in my work.

Lesley-Anne Derks's Artwork

Symphony of Lights
by Lesley-Anne Derks
Bursting Into Light
by Lesley-Anne Derks
Lights of Broadway
by Lesley-Anne Derks
Sold Out