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Lucien Vin's Biography

Lucien Vin - The Embrace I

The son of an art historian and lecturer, Lucien Vin was brought up in Paris, Florence and later, Rome. Visiting galleries and talking about art was always a part of his life, and he still recalls his first visit to the Musée Rodin where he was introduced to great sculptural works of art.

On completing his formal education, Vin was encouraged by his parents to travel around Europe with a group of French students; a month away turned into two amazing years immersed in viewing, discussing and creating art. Newly inspired, the young artist returned to his home in 2000 and continued to paint and sculpt, supporting himself by running research projects for a colleague of his father's. After showing his work locally, a small gallery offered to mount a solo exhibition. Vin was overwhelmed by the response of his compatriots and set about fulfilling a number of commissions he had received.

Local press coverage and the artistic grapevine spread news of his talent, and by the end of 2002, Vin had set up his own studio. Still influenced by some of the greatest names in history, he has brought his own artistic voice to the classic genre of figurative sculpture, and his thoughtful contemporary pieces evoke a sense of stillness and contentment.

Vin has now exhibited all over Europe and his sculptures are in great demand with both individual and corporate collectors.

Lucien Vin's Artwork

The Embrace II
by Lucien Vin
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The Embrace I
by Lucien Vin
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