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David Leeming's Biography

David Leeming - Poetica II

Working in a variety of jobs for over twenty-five years, David Leeming began his art
career as an illustrator and quickly became recognised as a reputable artist. He moved into various professions incluidng but not limited to a pasticheur, a copyist, a muralist, a visualiser in advertising and a scenic painter in the leisure industry. The range of skills he aquired and developed covered a large amount of subject matter and
Leeming became affected by multiple influences from contemporary media imagery to the old Flemish masters.

Following his variety of works, Leeming decided to become a fine artist, working
independantly. Now based in Suffolk, Leeming was a huge success and has many notable
commissions including producing entire collections of original paintings for English
country houses and developing large projects all over Europe. Recently Leemig has began teaching classes in the art of trompe l'oeil in the Netherlands and the UK.

The floral imagery of Leeming's works is his most prominantly featured subject and it looks so real you could almost reach in and touch it, the colours blend perfectly to form a flawless photographicly-real image of the real world equivalent.

David Leeming's Artwork

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