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Chris & Steve Rocks's Biography

Chris & Steve Rocks - Into The Light I

Born a phenomenon, the Rocks twins consisting of Chris and Steve Rocks are unique in the fact that they are a rare set of identical twins with an artistic flair unlike any other. Working together over the course of their lives to learn a large range of artistic disciplines during their education from school to university, including but not limited to Design, Interior Design, 3D Design, Fashion Design, Ceramics, Metal Sculpture, Photography and of course, Fine Art. Eventually the Rock twins successfully exhibited and began selling their works to private buyers nationwide, being featured in the local media with multiple TV appearances due to their massive impact in Art.

Nature is caught in all it's power and majesty by the Rock twins as their works blend flawlessly to create a deep image of wind, water, earth and fire. Brush strokes are striking, pushing the form to distort into streams of colour, often with darkened patches giving contrast to the deep images. Tonally, the light alters the image dramatically, the twins focusing their efforts hugely on the way the light affects land, sea and sky, but also setting weather, temperature and mood within the works.

Chris & Steve Rocks's Artwork

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Luminous World I
by Chris & Steve Rocks
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