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Studio Evolution's Biography

Studio Evolution - Volcanic

Combining various elements of talent and expertise is never an easy thing to do, but at our Studio we feel confident that our collective skills enable us to produce both innovative and creative pieces.

Each dedicated artist specialises in specific areas, from construction techniques involving-textures using a multitude of materials and media, to our pigment and dye specialist who will source vivid, vibrant colours from faraway shores. We work closely together on a daily basis and believe that by each contributing our own individual piece of creative skill our art completes its cycle, as one.

The evoking mystery of the solar aspect gives us a feeling of unknown worlds, reached by adventurous crusades through uncharted waters. The wonderful prospect of life changing knowledge that something else might be out there!

Once we have agreed on our ideas we spend the next few days making various sketches and drawings to decide on how we can best generate our collective thoughts, ideas and emotion out onto each canvas. This process will also involve deciding on materials to be used and also the colour and how we use them.

The colour combination is vital to the end piece as it literally paints the picture of our collective ideas - we are also very keen when it comes to experimenting with colour using various dyes and pigments from all over the world. We use a huge amount of materials in order to create the right textures for what we are portraying as well as techniques involving modern as well as more traditional methods.

Studio Evolution's Artwork

Distant Forest
by Studio Evolution