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Louise Braithwaite's Biography

Louise Braithwaite - Quayside Capers

The Creative Day...

My day begins very happily with my children - but once I have got them off to school in the morning I am able to embark on my creative day! I paint in a large conservatory that is attached to the house, as it is a wonderfully bright space and affords magnificent views of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us. I try to paint for a full five hours a day, and my family ensure I am rarely able to do more than this. I find it a good length of time however, as I do not become tired or jaded, and am simply able to enjoy myself. It is extremely important to me that this comes across in the images I create. Behind the house is a large wood, and I sometimes have a break and go for a relaxing walk in this calm green oasis. I find it is a brilliant way to clarify my thoughts and reflect on my approach to a particular subject. At the end of the afternoon, the family are back, and I stop painting until the following day.

The Creative Impulse...

The greatest single source of inspiration for my work is people. I have always adored people watching, and spent several years travelling around the world and indulging in this pleasurable pastime. To my great surprise however, when I settled down I found that any park, beach or high street has just as much to offer as the most exotic spots on earth! My favourite place to spend time is by the sea, as I find it has a liberating effect both on my own imagination and on the people around me.

The Creative Process...

I find that the impetus to paint may come from something as simple as catching sight of two people chatting on the street, or it may emerge from something I have thought about for several weeks which finally resolves itself into a proper idea that I can capture in my studio. Once I have an idea in my head, I like to get going on it immediately, and my preferred medium is oil on board, for both the depth of colour and the rich texture of the paint. I try to keep my art as “unpretentious” as possible, and I find the best way to do this is to let go and allow myself to have fun as I paint. I do enjoy the creative process and find my work immensely rewarding, and am genuinely thrilled to know that other people find it uplifting enough to want it in their homes!


Louise discovered her talent for art and design at school, where she specialised in screen printing. Having completed an Art Foundation Course at Portsmouth College of Art, she embarked on a 4 year Degree in Media and Production Design at the London College of Printing. After graduation in 1991 she spent several months travelling around Central America, which was to have a strong influence on her distinctive use of both colour and shape. Returning from her travels, Louise settled into a career in graphic design back in London. Although her creative talent was effective in the commercial world, she was keen to strike out as a designer and artist in her own right, and spent her free time producing handmade cards and illustrations which were successfully sold through a number of retail outlets including Harvey Nichols. She also undertook a number of commissions for corporate Christmas cards. Then in May 1997 she moved to Hampshire and decided to go it alone as a full-time professional artist. Over the past six years Louise has developed a style of painting which, although expressive, is firmly rooted in her design background. Her high-impact oils on board are predominantly figurative; they encapsulate the energy and buzz of a crowded scene in a manner that is both stylised and beautifully observed. The overwhelming love of the sea which took her back to the South Coast is reflected throughout her work, but we can also see a great affection for human interaction in a variety of social and public situations. Since turning professional Louise had not looked back. Her artwork is currently showing in prestigious galleries all over the country (including the Harrods Picture gallery) and she has a number of celebrity admirers, the best known of whom is Martin Clunes.

Louise Braithwaite's Artwork

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Mid Day Revelry
by Louise Braithwaite
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Harbour Side Antics
by Louise Braithwaite
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