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Ian Rawling's Biography

Ian Rawling - Take Five

Ian was born in Norfolk in 1966. Art was his best subject at school and his favourite pastime at home; he loved to indulge his creative side, not only drawing and sketching but also building and making things to impress his family and friends.

Ian graduated from Sheffield Art College with a design degree, during which time he supplemented his student bank balance with money earned from a flourishing career as a pavement artist. He loved Sheffield and has now settled there with his partner and their two sons.

After a successful period spent working as a designer and illustrator, Ian realized that his artwork meant more to him than simply a means to make a living. He started to work for himself and his bold, stylized images made an immediate impact on the art market. As an inveterate people-watcher, he finds inspiration in situations that we all encounter regularly, admitting for example to a somewhat quirky fondness for queues. Working mainly in pastels, he enjoys using techniques such as repetition and exaggeration to bring his unique characters to life.

Ians influences range far and wide, and include the off-the-wall humour of the Monty Python team, cartoon genius Gary Larson, and 1950s American artist, Norman Rockwell.

I have always enjoyed bending the rules, and for me humour and imagination are the key elements of a rewarding composition.

Ian Rawling's Artwork

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Boys And Their Toys
by Ian Rawling
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A Kiss And A Cuddle
by Ian Rawling
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