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Barbara James's Biography

Barbara James - Towards The Sun

Barbara James grew up influenced strongly influenced by the 1960's, the era she was born and raised in. Her earliest memories being the bright colours of poster paints and the anticipation of what she could do with them, James struggled at art and didn't consider a career in the arts until she became involved with set and costume design while studying her BA Honours Degree in Music, Dance and Drama at Middlesex Polytechnic. She graduated following her
success with a production of Hamlet where she was given the opportunity to experiment with colours, textiles and artistic ideas.

James later made her career in the Media Industry where she made programmes for most of her professional life. She continued to paint during this time and after entering into a national contest in an artists and illustrators magazine was selected as a finalist. Later, WHSmiths chose one of her
paintings to be included in a set for their British Artists Card range, selling over 20,000 within the first year. Since then, several of her works have been sold in poster format in the US and she was selected as a finalist in the London's Public Eye competition. She now lives in Hampshire, still developing her works world-wide.

James' works are stunning static images, the reflections having special attention drawn to them as houses, lighthouses, factories and shops are reflected in sharp quality on the waterfront. The sky multiple shades of
blue going from deep azure to suttle sky blue, often taking up more than two thirds of the painting. The whole image coming together to create a stunningly mysterious and tranquil piece.

Barbara James's Artwork

On A Clear Day
by Barbara James
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Across The Water
by Barbara James
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Upon Reflection
by Barbara James
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