Doug Hyde

Latest Release - St Valentine's Day Limited Edition - Released on 10th of January

Caught Up In Love
- pair - with matching Edition Number £980
Caught Up In Love - scultpure £395
Caught Up In Love - print £460
Caught Up In Love - framed £590

Latest Collection - Summer of Love – Launched on the 1st of August and featuring

Connect For Love - £465
We Are Family - £510
Riding High - £510
Beside The Seaside - £465
Sun, Sea and Sunglasses I - £215
Sun, Sea and Sunglasses II - £215

…and many more listed below.

Born in Bristol in 1972- Doug became aware of his artistic talent at an early age. Throughout his school and college education he concentrated on the technical side of drawing and painting- but after graduation he was in no doubt as to his chosen career- that of a professional artist. 

Doug prefers to produce his distintive artwork on a large scale- in order to acheive maximum impact with each piece.
He also enjoys operating in plenty of space- thus allowing himself enough physical freedom to express the creative energy that is the key to his fresh- contemporary style.

His unorthodox use of pastels applied with fingers and thumbs or even the side of a hand or wrist allows him to create highly communicative and engaging images that make an immediate and lasting impression on the viewer.

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