Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde Artist

For the past 20 years, Doug Hyde's work has been bringing joy and inspiration into the lives of art collectors, with its unique and uplifting style.

He has established a powerful name for himself as the creator of 'the smile', his distinctive trademark, and his unique pieces of art, including paintings, sculptures, and limited editions, are highly coveted by collectors.

Over time, Hyde's style has evolved and developed subtly, reflecting changes in his personal life and the world around him. His artistic journey has led him from figurative work in one color to vibrant narratives in a full range of shades, with his unique palette becoming a defining characteristic. Inspired by Mark Rothko's use of vibrant colors, Hyde ventures into a world of stunning light and shadow. Gradually, he has created a sophisticated language of formal elements and visual motifs that convey both artistic expression and personal messages.

Through his contemporary take on symbols of love and romance, Hyde strips away unnecessary details and maximizes the entire canvas to communicate simple yet powerful gestures and ideas. Undoubtedly, his most recognized image is the iconic smile that has become synonymous with his artistry. Its recurring appearance celebrates the connection between Hyde and his viewers by engaging us directly and inviting us to respond in kind. For many, this smile represents the essence of Doug Hyde. Named by BBC as the UK's most popular living artist, he has been featured in numerous books, articles, and national TV programs over the years.

His unorthodox use of pastels applied with fingers and thumbs or even the side of a hand or wrist allows him to create highly communicative and engaging images that make an immediate and lasting impression on the viewer.

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