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Print Finishes

Print Finished
This guide explains what we mean when we describe how a print is "finished".


Most publishers mounts are fairly standard. A mount is an off - white card surround that protects the print which is carefully laid out inside. It is usually approximately 3 inches wide, and sits as a border to the print when it is framed. Some mounts may have threads of colour in them to pick out certain colours in the print.

Unmounted / Print Only

This print is not mounted (see above), and will be sent out flat packed carefully wrapped in tissue to protect it. You may choose the mount yourself when getting the print framed.

Slip Mounted

This is generally simply referred to as a ‘slip’. This is a wooden surround that is usually cream or black depending on the image and is about 2 inches wide. It is used on prints and originals that are on board or canvas instead of paper, in order to protect them.


Once in a while we will sell a print framed. Generally this means that we have bought the piece pre-framed, and so need to sell it as such. A frame is, of course, the metal/wood/plastic surround with a glass cover, in which you may hang the print. The frame itself is not usually open for negotiation in these instances.


The handwritten number, which appears on each print in the bottom left hand corner, is vital as it guarantees not only the size but also the authenticity of the edition. Numbers are inscribed to indicate the number of the print within the total number (e.g. 4/295 means the fourth print in a set of 295 identical prints) The plates, films and materials involved in the reproduction are all destroyed, following printing, which further ensures their authenticity.

Guild Stamped

The Fine Art Trade Guild's stamp is a unique embossed stamp of limitation. First it gives you absolute confidence that the stated limit of the edition is ensured. Secondly, it confirms that the print has been produced in accordance with the Guild's strict regulations, using high quality acid-free paper and fade resistant inks. Thirdly it testifies to the fact that your print is a faithful reproduction of the original painting, approved by the artist.

No Markings / Not Stamped

This could mean that the print is an open edition, or indeed a calendar print which is of smaller value than a limited edition. Please call us for further details on the print you are interested in.


This piece is a sculpture, and will be sent out encased in polystyrene within a box. For further descriptions of sculptures, please call us directly.


When a piece is on canvas, it is often stretched. This means that the canvas is pulled and stretched over 4 wooden bars which lie behind the print. This usually gives the print a depth of approximately 2 inches.


This means that the piece is a canvas piece, but will be sent out as print only.