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Lynn Poland's Biography

Lynn Poland - Distant Hills

As a child I spent whole days painting and drawing on in solitude in my room. I left school as soon as I could and enrolled on a two year foundation course with A level subjects all art based. It was an idyllic time for me. The art disciplines were all taught by practising artists, which was a great benefit. Between 1982 and 1985 I trained as a printmaker in Manchester. My work at this time was figurative and in my last year at college I had two pieces exhibited in the Whitworth Young Contemporaries Exhibition. This gave me a number of contacts and commissions for portraits.

For a short period of time I taught further education painting, drawing and printmaking and, after having my daughter in 1987, I trained as a teacher and spent the next twelve years combining a teaching career with my main love of painting. I have been fortunate to have always worked with colleagues who also continue to produce artwork. This has been a vital aspect of my development as a practitioner. Sharing ideas and practical knowledge with other artists is invaluable. I believe that in art, education never stops. There is always more to learn.

During the last few years of my teaching career I continued to paint with increasing frustration at how little time I had in which to create substantial work. As a result of this I decided to greatly reduce my teaching commitments in order to concentrate on my artwork. Fortunately the risk paid off and within a short space of time I was exhibiting and selling work through a number of galleries and outlets. I have never been happier and I am now able to spend whole days painting in my studio. It is strange how life can come full circle.

Lynn Poland's Artwork

Menai Morning
by Lynn Poland