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Nel Whatmore's Biography

Nel Whatmore - Tulipa

Nel Whatmore is married to the writer Mark Morris and they have two children David and Polly. Mark writes in the mornings and Nel Paints in the afternoons, the rest of their time is divided looking after their children.

Nel''s studio is a 200 year old granary only five minutes from their house. Music and colour form an integral part of her work. In the former she finds focuses her mind, the latter is her main inspiration.

Although she uses pastels predominately, she has recently introduced watercolour to her work. : "I feel as my work has developed greater fluidity and vibrancy through the use of watercolour".

"Each painting is a puzzle. There are many ways you can try to fit the pieces together but only one way they really look right. Sometimes you find what you are looking for, other times it remains elusive".

Nel Whatmore's Artwork

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Spring Joy I
by Nel Whatmore
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